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Hello, my name is Sandra Gregory. Welcome to my website about restoring family relationships. When I was going to college, family dynamics changed, causing tension across the generations. Over time, the tension erupted into arguments that were difficult to resolve from afar. Upon returning home from college, I decided to utilize proven tactics to restore my family relationships. I created this site to share the techniques that worked the best to restore these connections. I invite you to use the information I provide to keep your relationships in great shape over the years. Thank you for coming to visit my site.


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Four Things To Consider When Placing Your Baby For Adoption

If you have decided that you are unprepared to raise your baby, you may explore the option of placing your baby for adoption. If desired, you can play a role in picking out your child's birth family. With a little consideration, you can find an adoptive family that you feel is right for your baby.

1. Do you want your child to be raised in a certain religion?

Take a moment to decide, what, if any, religion you want your child to be exposed to. You may wish to find birth parents that share similar views as yourself on controversial religious topics and questions of morality. 

2. Do you have preferences concerning the size of your baby's adopted family?

Envision how you imagine your child growing up. Do you see your baby as an only child, or do you have images of your child racing with a group of siblings. Though there is no guarantee that the adoptive parents will be able to do so, you can look for families that wish to adopt more children in the future.

If you strongly prefer for your baby to have siblings, you can opt for adoptive parents that already have children.

3. What kind of holidays do you want your baby to celebrate?

Holidays and the events around these occasions comprise some of our fondest memories. It only makes sense for you to want your baby to experience these special days in a certain manner. You may prefer that your child be exposed to both secular and religious events for certain holidays, or you may have a holiday that you generally do not observe. Interviewing the prospective families can help you find a household that celebrates in the way the you find best for your baby.

4. Do you want to stay in contact with your baby or the adoptive family after the adoption?

When placing your baby for adoption, you have a few options when it comes to the amount of contact that you have with your baby and the adoptive family. In a closed adoption, you do not have any contact once the adoption is final. You usually have the option to provide contact information for your child to use at a later date.

By contrast, you maintain some level of contact in an open adoption. The amount of contact varies dramatically for each case; some families and birth parents agree to regular visits, while others keep contact limited to photographs and letters. Others phase contact out as the child gets older. Talk extensively with the adoptive parents to find a level that you are comfortable with.

Talk with an agency like A Child's Dream to learn more about placing a baby for adoption.